De La Salle Academy – Reopening Date Tuesday 3rd May

De LA Salle Academy is reopening from Tuesday 3rd May. This is one of the oldest facilities that we use and an essential pool in a great community. The pool measures 16m by 9m and is 32 degrees. A fantastic venue that counts footballer Wayne Rooney and actor David Morrissey as former pupils. Swimsound has […]

Swimming Safely for Summer 2022!

It is estimated that over 16 million people in the UK have booked a summer trip this year. We all love summer but for children there can be nothing more fun than enjoying swimming on their holidays. Swim England research shows over 3.4 Million children in England can’t swim 100m or tread water. Vital skills […]


Swimming is the most participated sport in the UK. This is due to the fantastic health benefits. Taking part in regular swimming is great for the body and the mind, it is a great all-round activity because it allows for your body to keep its heart rate up whilst taking some of the stress off your body’s muscles. […]

Winter Swimsound Gala

Our advanced swimmers took part in a gala on Saturday 4th December in St Edwards College, Liverpool. Our swimmers were split into 4 teams and had the opportunity to take part in a group swim competition. We were really impressed with the high quality of swimming throughout and personal bests were broken throughout the evening. […]

Swimsound Pool Parties ~ Book Today!

DOES YOUR CHILD LOVE THE WATER? DO YOU WANT TO TURN YOUR CHILD’S PARTY INTO AN EXCITING DAY TO REMEMBER? We are releasing our party bookings! Swimsound pool parties are a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Our talented team of coaches will make sure this is a birthday to remember for all children […]

Swimming as popular then as it is now.

swim Calderstones

There is evidence of people enjoying swimming from as early as the Stone Age and, since then, even as civilisations and customs have changed, swimming has remained an integral part of many societies. It is important to note that we only know of the swimming communities that were recorded, by drawings in caves or written records […]

From Talented Swimmer to Rookie to Instructor.

Swim lessons

I first joined Swimsound when I was about 11, having tried other swimming clubs, competitive and non-competitive. I am now 18 and teaching for Swimsound, and I credit the club with a lot of the confidence I have gained in myself over those years.  When I first joined Swimsound, I immediately felt welcomed and this […]

Careers in Swimming

Getting involved in swimming from a young age can open up many different future career prospects. Here we explore some of the career options that swimming can lead to. Swimmer If after learning to swim at Swimsound, you decide to continue along the swimming pathway, you can join a swimming club and train to become a professional swimmer. […]

The psychological benefits of swimming

We often focus on the physical benefits of exercise and tend to forget that it has significant psychological benefits too. Encouraging children to participate in after school sports clubs promotes psychological well-being as well as an improved quality of life.   Benefits of physical activity on brain function:  Child engagement in physical activity plays a […]

Women in Swimming: A Brief History

In light of International Women’s Day having taken place on the 8th of March, this article will explore influential women in the history of swimming.   Although swimming was included in the Olympic Games in 1896, women weren’t allowed to compete in any of the sports until 1912. Even when women were allowed to compete […]

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