Swimming as popular then as it is now.

swim Calderstones

There is evidence of people enjoying swimming from as early as the Stone Age and, since then, even as civilisations and customs have changed, swimming has remained an integral part of many societies. It is important to note that we only know of the swimming communities that were recorded, by drawings in caves or written records […]

From Talented Swimmer to Rookie to Instructor.

Swim lessons

I first joined Swimsound when I was about 11, having tried other swimming clubs, competitive and non-competitive. I am now 18 and teaching for Swimsound, and I credit the club with a lot of the confidence I have gained in myself over those years.  When I first joined Swimsound, I immediately felt welcomed and this […]

Careers in Swimming

Getting involved in swimming from a young age can open up many different future career prospects. Here we explore some of the career options that swimming can lead to. Swimmer If after learning to swim at Swimsound, you decide to continue along the swimming pathway, you can join a swimming club and train to become a professional swimmer. […]

The psychological benefits of swimming

We often focus on the physical benefits of exercise and tend to forget that it has significant psychological benefits too. Encouraging children to participate in after school sports clubs promotes psychological well-being as well as an improved quality of life.   Benefits of physical activity on brain function:  Child engagement in physical activity plays a […]

Women in Swimming: A Brief History

In light of International Women’s Day having taken place on the 8th of March, this article will explore influential women in the history of swimming.   Although swimming was included in the Olympic Games in 1896, women weren’t allowed to compete in any of the sports until 1912. Even when women were allowed to compete […]

The joys of open water swimming

Open water swimming has risen in popularity over recent years. The ability to dive into beautiful surroundings and exercise and refresh is an adventure many people are embracing. There are so many benefits both physical and mental, with many forms of competitive open water swimming such as long-distance swimming, and the swimming part in the triathlon. […]

Swimming Health Benefits

Swimming is thought to be one of the best exercises to help the mind and the body. It is a full body workout that along with being fun improves cariovascular fitness, reduces stress and lowers the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. During Freestyle the body is working muscles in both the arms and […]

Try our Water Safety Quiz!

Swimsound have created a Water Safety Quiz for our swimmers to take part in during November.  Let’s see who can achieve full marks on our Water Smart, Water Safety Quiz.    

Swimsound Halloween Themed Lessons

Photo of a Halloween pumpkin surrounded by candles

All our classes remain on during half term. We will be decorating the venues to add some Halloween enchantment to our classes. Our creative teachers will be making potions, having broomstick races and diving to the depths of the swamp. Don’t stay in this Halloween , come along and join in with our spooktacular classes!

Swimsound Taster Classes

Have you thought about joining us but are worried about committing to a block of lessons? Book a free taster session on us at any of our pools with available space! We have swimming classes available for all ages and abilities. Our lessons are run in a very COVID secure manner and we will do […]