The psychological benefits of swimming

We often focus on the physical benefits of exercise and tend to forget that it has significant psychological benefits too. Encouraging children to participate in after school sports clubs promotes psychological well-being as well as an improved quality of life.


Benefits of physical activity on brain function: 

Child engagement in physical activity plays a crucial role in the development of the brain and supports essential mental functions. Exercise can result in improved motor skills, better thinking and problem-solving, creativity, stronger attention skills and improved learning. Unsurprisingly, these improvements combine to benefit school performance.


Benefits of physical activity on emotional and mental health:

During physical activity the brain releases “Feel-good” chemicals, known as endorphins, which help to improve mood, energy levels and even sleep. These benefits can help to increase self-confidence and resilience in children.

When trying new activities or regularly attending clubs, children develop new skills and consequently achieve a sense of accomplishment which can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in the future.

By joining after school clubs, children are given the opportunity to improve their relationships with other children. Shared physical activities can give them a sense of belongingness and companionship therefore reducing loneliness. Overtime, these benefits combined can additionally help children focus and develop their confidence in classroom environments.

Exercise can improve self-esteem and self-worth too. It is important to help your child develop this awareness as early as possible and to play your part in promoting a healthy body image.

These are just a selection of psychological benefits of physical activity as the list goes on and on. There is a large variety of activities that your child can get involved in, swimming lessons is namely one. It is essential that your child has the opportunity to attend after school clubs and learn this most vital and amazing lifeskill. Contact Swimsound today



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