Complete beginner or training for a triathlon?

We can help!

We pride ourselves on offering quality adult lessons to anyone who is willing to learn. Whether it’s improving your confidence or improving technique we cater for all needs and abilities and work hard to achieve your goals.

Swim England research highlights that one in five adults are unable to swim. Here at Swimsound we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim and develop the confidence needed to participate in this wonderful sport.

Those who have a fear of water, or who panic thinking about getting out of their depth can overcome these barriers by learning to swim in a private environment, with friendly, passionate, qualified instructors, who help build confidence and enhance skills.

We also support swimmers who want to improve their stroke technique, who want to get fit or train to compete. With open water swimming events on the rise and triathlons more popular than ever, come along and build your technique with our specialist instructors.

We are passionate about getting people swimming and being active in the water, so if you need help building your confidence and efficiency get in touch!

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