Swimming as popular then as it is now.

swim Calderstones

There is evidence of people enjoying swimming from as early as the Stone Age and, since then, even as civilisations and customs have changed, swimming has remained an integral part of many societies. It is important to note that we only know of the swimming communities that were recorded, by drawings in caves or written records […]

The psychological benefits of swimming

We often focus on the physical benefits of exercise and tend to forget that it has significant psychological benefits too. Encouraging children to participate in after school sports clubs promotes psychological well-being as well as an improved quality of life.   Benefits of physical activity on brain function:  Child engagement in physical activity plays a […]

Swimming Health Benefits

Swimming is thought to be one of the best exercises to help the mind and the body. It is a full body workout that along with being fun improves cariovascular fitness, reduces stress and lowers the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. During Freestyle the body is working muscles in both the arms and […]