Swimming is the most participated sport in the UK. This is due to the fantastic health benefits. Taking part in regular swimming is great for the body and the mind, it is a great all-round activity because it allows for your body to keep its heart rate up whilst taking some of the stress off your body’s muscles.

Swimming often helps to build endurance in the water as well as muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness which, in turn, will help maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs. Regular swimming can reduce the risks of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type
2 diabetes and even reduce the risk of a stroke. Swimming benefits your mental health as well. Swimming releases serotonin leading to a boost in your mood with a feel-good factor.

Recent statistics revealed 14.2 million adults, 1 in 3, cannot swim one length of a 25m pool. Swimming confidently is an essential skill for life. It enables you to have great experiences with your friends and family such as, enjoying a nice relaxing swim with your family on holiday in the sea or a pool.

As an adult swimming confidently allows you to participate in numerous swimming events both in open water and a private pool. If you are really looking for a challenge you could sign up to a triathlon in which you would swim up to 2km!

If you are looking for an adult swim class look no further than Swimsound! We offer the best adult swim lessons for any age in the city with quality instructors who are passionate about passing on their talent for swimming. If you are looking to refine your stroke with technique work, or a total beginner to the sport of swimming, we cater for everybody with our fantastic adult swim lessons. Head over to the booking part of our website to browse our adult swim availability.

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