Learning to swim with a disability

Here at Swimsound we  provide an equal opportunity for every child and adult who is learning to swim. Our aim is to support and meet the needs of every swimmer, including those who may need additional assistance wether this be due to a learning difficulty or a physical disability. Our coaches feel privileged and motivated to ensure every swimmer with additional needs exceeds and meets their individual goals.

Learning to swim has so many benefits. Swimming is an essential life skill which everyone should learn at a young age. We teach our swimmers how to be safe in all types of water as well as how to help  if a friend or family member gets into difficulties in the water. Swimming can help develop strong bones and muscles as a form of low impact exercise, perfect for any physical disability where land activities may be more challenging. Swimming can also improve the proprioceptive system which is located in the muscles and joint, this aids motor planning and provides a sense of body awareness. It also has an important role in sensory processing, the proprioceptive input controls responses to sensory stimuli.

Swimming can also help boost confidence and self esteem, something which children with additional needs may struggle with. Swimming gives a feeling of accomplishment and rewards can be very motivating for children. Regular lessons can show how commitment and dedication can be beneficial and encourages the swimmer to be eager to learn. Social skills will improve by learning how to interact with the teacher or other swimmers in the pool, such as listening to the teacher or making friends with other swimmers, consequently improving language skills.

Children with additional needs may have excess energy that needs burned off and swimming is an excellent way to expel this energy. As it is a form of cardiovascular exercise, it is guaranteed the swimmer will let off this energy resulting in a good night sleep. For adults, it is a great way to reduce stress and relax the body.

At Swimsound we offer 1-1 private classes for swimmers who may need additional assistance, with coaches who are highly experienced in teaching swimmers who may need more support. We take pride in teaching many swimmers with additional needs as they progress in both swimming and within themselves.

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