Every swimmers goal- Advanced lane classes

Advanced Lane class swimming is one of our main goals for the swimmers at Swimsound.

As swimmers progress through their stages the focus of each lesson is to teach and develop perfect technique in all four strokes, as well as water skills such as tumble turns and dives. In our intermediate classes our coaches push our swimmers to complete longer distances of the pool to build up their stamina, prior to moving to lane classes. Once the swimmer is confident with all their strokes, skills, and can complete a length of the pool they can be moved up to our advanced lane classes.

Swimsound offer lane classes throughout the week in locations such as St Edwards College and Broadgreen pool. Both of these pool are prime locations with great pool layout, one shallow end and one deep end to allow our swimmers to improve their skills further.

Lane classes are a brilliant way to meet new friends and swimmers who may have not been in previous classes. Each lane is based on ability and the swimmers can work their way up progressing to the next lane.

We aim to develop the swimmers skills with more advanced drills for technique as well as build up their stamina by increasing the distance they complete each lesson.

Lane classes provide new opportunities for complete further Swim England stages and well as Distance days where we asses how far each swimmer can complete without stopping. We also hold our Annual Gala’s where swimmers in lane classes can experience fast swimming, racing¬† against their team mates and trying out new events. We also learn Waterpolo and Rookie Lifeguarding. A great way to introduce a competitive side to swimming! For bookings, click on our lesson bookings tab.

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