On Thursday 10th July we held our Summer Gala. The night was a total success, both teams swam brilliantly and records were broken for all events! Helen’s team, ‘The Squids’, were announced the winners over Ian’s team, who in Marks absence that week were named, ‘The Great White Marks’ !

Although, the competition did not end there. A Parents Vs Coaches relay added extra excitement, cheering levels reached a phenomenal level and with the parents leading throughout, the coaches thought it was all over. The pressure was on Ian who swam the last leg and just managed to take over into first position leading to a sweet victory for the Coaches!

Finally, we were very privileged to have Tom Barton, former City of Liverpool Captain and 2012 freestyle national champion, come down to demonstrate to the children what elite swimming looks like, and show them what they could achieve if they continue to train hard!

A big thank-you to all who attended, from the swimmers to the spectators, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The Squids liverpool swimsound swimming lessons children
The Squids, with coach Helen and national swimmer Tom, after being presented with the Trophy and medals.

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