Swimming remains the country’s most popular sport.

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In a recent article by Sport England, swimming has been recognised as the most popular participation sport in Britain, with 2.5 million people taken part weekly. Swimming has many health benefits; swimming burns calories, increases flexibility, improves posture, improves co-ordination and helps reduce stress. The sport is widely available to everybody regardless of age or ability.

So why is swimming so popular?

Swimming opens you up to all kinds of activities and disciplines whether you want to pursue water polo, synchronised swimming, scuba diving; the enjoyment and possibilities are endless. On holiday the first thing you look for is the pool, the opportunity to refresh and do a couple of lengths in the baking sunshine is both satisfying and invigorating , for the more adventurous you can try snorkelling or scuba diving.

Swimming is low impact, captivating, fun and available to everyone at a relatively low cost. It is both satisfying and rewarding.  It is no surprise that swimming is the most watched sport at the Olympics and the UK’s most popular participation exercise. The increase in mass open water events to now over 170 in Britain alone, shows the sport is set to continue to thrive. The chance to swim in Britain’s lakes, seas and rivers has become a pursuit enjoyed by tens of thousands of people each year.

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