Swimming is thought to be one of the best exercises to help the mind and the body. It is a full body workout that along with being fun improves cariovascular fitness, reduces stress and lowers the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.

During Freestyle the body is working muscles in both the arms and legs such as the pectorals, triceps, hamstrings and biceps to name a few.

Whilst doing butterfly the core abdominal and lower back muscles are getting a workout as they lift the head out of the water when breathing.

Swimming helps build endurance and muscle strength it also helps to increase cardiovascular fitness (the physical capacity of an individual). Regular swimming
will help to maintain a healthy weight alongside a healthy heart and lungs.

Studies have shown that swimming just 30 minutes a week can help guard against heart disease and type 2 diabetes, you could even swim every day
without any negative impacts on your body as it is a low impacting sport to the body, unlike running and other land based physical activities, swimming doesn’t
put as much wear and tear on the muscles due to the water supporting up to 90% of the body weight whilst in the water.

Swimming is seen as a weightless exercise due to the buoyancy of the water counteracting the effects of gravity in turn allowing the individual to float.

Another benefit of swimming is that it can be used to aid recovery when an individual is injured through strengthening muscles and ligaments. Studies also
show that swimming as part of recovery produced lower levels of c-reactive protein which is linked to muscle inflammation.

Overall, the health benefits for swimming are immense. Swimming is great for the body, mind and soul and it is never too late to learn. Enquire today to see how we can help kickstart a passion for a sport with so many benefits.

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