Develop your core strength with remarkable workouts!

Swimsound is pleased to announce that dryland training will be starting Saturday 14th October 4pm-5pm in St Edward’s College. The session will be conducted by Mark Jacobs a personal trainer with 20 years of experience. Mark has a background in professional dancing and has recently featured in Housewives of Cheshire!

The session will cost £5 per family… parents you are welcome to join in with the session and help motivate your kids! Advanced swimmers in year 5 and above are able to participate in the sessions.

Benefits of dryland training

A strong core will help to achieve a better body position in the water, increasing the efficiency of your performance to enable you to get the most out of your swimming. Everyone and anyone can benefit from increasing core stability and increases in flexibility.

There are two main goals of dryland training: injury prevention and performance improvement. Being strong and powerful is critical in swimming, a stronger athlete is going to be the better athlete.





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