Benefits of swimming from an early age

Here at Swimsound we run a specialised
Ducklings program for children from 3 yearsimage of age. The Ducklings program is the start of many children’s swimming journey and introduces the fundamental swimming skills. Our trained coaches use fun and games to develop movement, aquatic breathing and water confidence.

Here are our top 8 reasons why we believe starting swimming from an early age is important; not only does it teach children a life skill, it helps them to develop and learn various other skills as well.

  1. Water safety

Sadly, the third largest cause of accidental death among children under 5 years old in the UK is drowning. So at Swimsound we teach our Ducklings lifesaving skills. In their swimming lessons they learn to get to the side, hold on and exit the water safely. This could save your child’s life.

  1. Physical and Mental health

Swimming lessons are a great way of getting your child exercising from a young age. Each lesson is a physical work out helping to strengthen your child’s heart and lungs. However, it doesn’t stop there, our fun and games help to stimulate their senses and aids development of the brain.

  1. It helps to boost their confidence

Being in the water from a young age will help to prevent a fear of water developing in later life, a fear we often come across with adult swimmers. Moving independently in the water will help develop their confidence – you’ll be surprised at what they can do! Our swimming lessons incorporate group play and singing songs. Through this they learn to function in groups whilst learning a new skill, helping to boost their self-esteem.

A study in Germany found children who had taken swimming lessons before 4 years of age were better adapted to new situations, had more self-confidence and were more independent than non-swimmers. A further study built on that research and found that participating in year-round swimming lessons children had

  • Greater self-control
  • A stronger desire to succeed
  • Better self-esteem
  • Were more comfortable in social situations than non-swimmers.
  1. Develops their co-ordination

Teaching the fundamental movement skills in water helps improve your child’s co-ordination and balance. Moving swimming toys will also help them to develop their fine motor skills. A study by Norwegian University of Science & Technology in 2009 found that children who swim have better balance and fine motor skills than non-swimmers.

  1. Strength

Water-resistance means muscles are exercised more effectively in water than on land helping your child to develop their strength.

  1. It enhances their learning skills

Following instructions at an early age can help heighten your child’s mental skills and increase their level of understanding. Our games will help reinforce core maths skills such as counting. Research at Griffith University found that children who swim from an early age, by the time they start school, are 6 to 15 months ahead of non-swimmers when it comes to solving maths problems, counting, language and following instructions. In particular 3 – to 5 – year olds who swam were 11 months ahead of their peers in verbal skills, 6 months ahead in math skills and two months ahead in literacy skills. Amazingly they were also 17 months ahead in story recall and 20 months ahead in understanding directions.

Research has also shown that movements which use both sides of the body help your child’s brain to grow. Such movements build neurons in the brain, in particular in the corpus callosum, which facilitates communication between one side of the brain to another. In the future this improves

  • Reading skills
  • Language development
  • Academic learning
  • Spatial awareness
  1. Boosts their wellbeing

Swimming helps to stimulate their appetite and improves sleeping! According to Paralympic champion Ellie Simmonds, swimming can increase positivity, improve quality of sleep and lift general well-being.

  1. Structured lessons

Attending swimming lessons weekly provides structure to your week and day providing regular fun, physical and social activity while you have a rest and watch from the side.

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