Swimming as popular then as it is now.

swim Calderstones

There is evidence of people enjoying swimming from as early as the Stone Age and, since then, even as civilisations and customs have changed, swimming has remained an integral part of many societies. It is important to note that we only know of the swimming communities that were recorded, by drawings in caves or written records […]

Careers in Swimming

Getting involved in swimming from a young age can open up many different future career prospects. Here we explore some of the career options that swimming can lead to. Swimmer If after learning to swim at Swimsound, you decide to continue along the swimming pathway, you can join a swimming club and train to become a professional swimmer. […]

The joys of open water swimming

Open water swimming has risen in popularity over recent years. The ability to dive into beautiful surroundings and exercise and refresh is an adventure many people are embracing. There are so many benefits both physical and mental, with many forms of competitive open water swimming such as long-distance swimming, and the swimming part in the triathlon. […]